Guest Information

The members and staff of Silver Spring Country Club would like to extend a warm welcome as you plan your visit. To ensure your comfort as well as that of our members, we'd like to take a minute to familiarize you with our policies. As always, members are responsible for informing their guests and children of these policies.

Cell Phones & Personal electronic devices

At Silver Spring we have tried to make our policy as hospitable as possible while still keeping our primary goal in mind--not to interfere with the enjoyment of our members and our guests.  Phone calls are not permitted on club grounds with the exception of the following designated areas:
Clubhouse: The Conference Room on the main level and the Card Room on the lower level.
Clubhouse Tennis Courts:  Inside the Tennis Hut.
Pool: Inside the Pool Office.
Parking Areas: Clubhouse, Pool and field Tennis Courts parking areas.   

Devices should be set on silent mode and kept out of sight except for discreet usage.  Te
xting and reading from electronic devices is permitted, provided such use does not interfere with pace of play or another member's use and enjoyment of the club. Please keep usage to a minimum with no voice communication and all ringers silenced. 

Wireless Communications

Wi-Fi is available at the Main Clubhouse, the Pool House and the Paddle Hut.

Dress Code

Club casual is appropriate for most events, including dinners unless otherwise noted. Please check with your host for appropriate dress. Please note that blue jean denim, t-shirts, tank tops, cargo styles, slogan images, exceptionally short skirts and shorts and bare feet are considered inappropriate dress. Neat attire includes wearing all tops tucked into pants or skirts at all times, with the exception of tops designed to be worn over pants or skirts. Bathing suits are appropriate at the pool area only.  Proper shoes must be worn in the Clubhouse. Men are not permitted to wear hats in any of the indoor dining areas.  Hats must be worn facing forward in all outdoor areas.

Golf Dress Code

While acceptable golfing attire is less formal today than in years past, members, their guests and children are expected to observe reasonable standards of dress on the golf course, practice tee, practice area and putting green.

Men's Golf Attire: Suitable attire for men includes slacks or Bermuda shorts and an appropriate collared shirt tucked in.
Women's Golf Attire: All female golfers are respectfully requested to dress appropriately on the golf course. The length of all shorts, skirts and skorts should be a minimum inseam length of at least 6 inches and/or no more than 6 inches above the knee. Blue jeans, "cutoffs," cargo shorts, tennis or athletic shorts or outfits, bathing suits, "short shorts," "slogan" tee shirts, tank tops and halter tops are not considered suitable for men, women or children. Midriffs must be completely covered at all times during the course of play. Hats must be worn facing forward.

Tennis Dress Code

While acceptable tennis attire is less formal today than in years past, members, their guests and children are expected to observe proper tennis attire standards on the tennis courts.

Proper tennis attire for members and guests is mandatory at all times on ALL courts (except courts 9 & 10), to include shirts being tucked in and baseball hat facing forward. While collars are not strictly required, all shirts without collars must be clearly identifiable as proper 'tennis shirts'; standard T-shirts whether sloganed or not, including sleeveless tee shirts, should not be worn on the courts. No bathing suits, basketball shorts, running shorts or cut-off jeans will be permitted.  On Pool house courts (courts 9 & 10) T-shirts, bathing suits and cover-ups are allowed when the courts are not being used for clinics or tournament play. Proper tennis shoes must be worn. Jogging shoes or bare feet are not allowed. 



Swim suits must be worn in the pool (no cut-off shorts).  Swim suits may be worn only in the Pool House area, not in the Clubhouse or other club premises.  Neat tee shirts, tank tops, short skirts or shorts and bare feet are suitable for the Pool House area only.  Blue jean denim pants, skirts or shorts are not permitted.


Smoking and e-cigarettes are not permitted at the Club except on the golf course, outdoor golf practice areas, the chairs outside the locker rooms and the field by the pool. Chewing tobacco is not permitted anywhere at the Club including the Golf Course and outdoor practice facilities.